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Battle results

Satellite by Lena (Sat May 26, 2012 18:05 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
Black268 easy
maath101 easy
brokolik hard
4. ringostarr123 easy
5. lucstarts easy
Thiagohf3 easy User did not finish battle
alisa95 easy User did not finish battle


ringostarr123: TURKEY WIN!!!
brokolik: yeeeee
Thiagohf3: vish
lucstarts: thiago
lucstarts: /
Black268: hi brokolik
lucstarts: o/
Thiagohf3: o black vai ganhar essa
lucstarts: asjsahuash'
Thiagohf3: lucsss
brokolik: hey
Thiagohf3: eu gravei uma nova musica
lucstarts: :O
lucstarts: qual?
Thiagohf3: escuta la bro?
Black268: sen turkdun dimi :D
Black268: naber
brokolik: evet :D
brokolik: iyi senden :D
lucstarts: *-* escuto sim
Thiagohf3: shadow of the day - linkin park
Black268: bende iyi iyi sanslar :)
brokolik: sagol sana da :D
ringostarr123: iyi sanslar
Thiagohf3: o turcano leva essa
lucstarts: saashuahsu
Thiagohf3: ele ta em primeiro
lucstarts: só tem turco
lucstarts: .-.
Thiagohf3: e nunca escutei isso
lucstarts: eu treinei 2 vezes
lucstarts: asjiasjais'
brokolik: tebrikler :D
kotofey: Fun song!
Black268: saol :)
brokolik: yes
kotofey: congrats!
lucstarts: :D
lucstarts: good song
maath101: congrats nada
maath101: som chato pow
maath101: kkk
lucstarts: ashuashu'
maath101: aquele mala se acha
maath101: me aguarde na star of day
lucstarts: né
lucstarts: ASHUASHUASUH'
lucstarts: bora
maath101: auhasuhsauhuahsuhsa
lucstarts: o/
maath101: né
maath101: kkkk
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