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Battle results

Words by Boyzone (Sat Jun 9, 2012 19:10 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
Hellunen easy
mrsingerr easy
maath101 easy
4. sohibJE easy
5. laulunelonen easy
6. Tanatie easy
7. himekos2 easy
8. Moon6 easy
9. Torico easy
10. lMarie easy
11. sirje easy
lenkaao easy User did not finish battle
jilicious easy User did not finish battle
alexsovi easy User did not finish battle
Shatsouky easy User did not finish battle


Torico: yo
Tanatie: yo
sohibJE: sasoooooooo :carefree:
Torico: good lucky
mrsingerr: are boyzone british?
Tanatie: lol new pic?
sohibJE: yea saso :p
Torico: i'm drunk
sohibJE: idk this song >.<
Torico: i'll try
Tanatie: irish
mrsingerr: il lwin :P
Torico: aw
mrsingerr: im an ex boyzone member
Nuanee: never heard
Torico: gl
sohibJE: ok norbert ;)
mrsingerr: ty x
mrsingerr: gl
mrsingerr: omg
mrsingerr: im gona sing
mrsingerr: nooooooooooooo
mrsingerr: shit
Torico: how the hell
mrsingerr: second
mrsingerr: :(
Torico: 9k, have u ever heard the song?
mrsingerr: i wanted to be star of day
Torico: i call bs
mrsingerr: useles site
lMarie: go SOHIJB <3<3
mrsingerr: anyway byebuhhhhhhhh
Torico: maaan
mrsingerr: :*
maath101: congrats ;)
mrsingerr: damn ifnland
mrsingerr: yuck
mrsingerr: malta is better
mrsingerr: :)
mrsingerr: omgggggg
maath101: uia kk
mrsingerr: im 3rd now
Nuanee: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
lMarie: *-----------------------------------------------------*
Nuanee: surprised!
maath101: nuanee onde vc achou essa musica
maath101: kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
mrsingerr: ewwwwwwwwwwww
Nuanee: here
Tanatie: not finished yet
Nuanee: parabens a todos!
mrsingerr: ok this song was meant for ugly ppl
mrsingerr: thats why i didnt win
mrsingerr: cya:P
Nuanee: ok
Tanatie: siska's doing pretty good
maath101: sohibJE ta cantando
lMarie: que lind
maath101: mais nao passa
lMarie: ganhou star do dia *-*
Nuanee: pela primeira vez
Nuanee: kkkkkk
maath101: eu ganhei duas, queria mais
maath101: af
maath101: k
maath101: musica facil, mais eu nem conhecia
Tanatie: you've won, nuanee, the chat already said it
Nuanee: nem acreditei
maath101: parabens nuanee
maath101: vlw
Nuanee: obrigado
Nuanee: vou sair tchau!
Nuanee: bjs mari
Nuanee: :D
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