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Battle results

Jungle Drum by EmilĂ­ana Torrini (Wed Jul 18, 2012 19:11 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
ginopharm easy
lMarie easy
Zweal easy
4. SweetLucy easy
5. sohibJE easy
6. iidaa easy
7. andersonsantana easy
8. kakaok easy
9. 2plus easy
10. laulunelonen easy
11. MinecraTubers easy
12. Sekhmeta easy
13. matheuscirne easy
14. iambornthisway easy
JessicaLeles easy User did not finish battle
LiveLaughLoveSin easy User did not finish battle
girlie8888 easy User did not finish battle


MinecraTubers: OMG
MinecraTubers: REALLY A SONG
iambornthisway: Ginopharm will be a winner... shit ><
lMarie: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
MinecraTubers: DIRTY SONG
girlie8888: 3rd
sohibJE: jungle drum again??? ^o
Andrewszninja: WE JUST DID THIS
girlie8888: mh mh
LiveLaughLoveSing: wow...lol
sohibJE: this is the 3rd times...
MinecraTubers: siska win
ginopharm: not there the next 3 days andrew
Andrewszninja: im aiming for fourth...
MinecraTubers: doh
MinecraTubers: :D
Andrewszninja: of gino :D
sohibJE: gino is here, danny :p
Andrewszninja: ok *
LiveLaughLoveSing: 4th is mine andrew! xD
girlie8888: the generator love the voice of jungle ithink
Andrewszninja: nope
matheuscirne: good luck
Andrewszninja: mine
MinecraTubers: i knwo that he is here
girlie8888: mhmh
MinecraTubers: he make 8657
Andrewszninja: watch
girlie8888: :D
LiveLaughLoveSing: good luck taking it from me andrew ;)
sohibJE: im lucky if i can singing :|
MinecraTubers: ahahh :D
Andrewszninja: fine ill just get third
Andrewszninja: np
MinecraTubers: third with me?
LiveLaughLoveSing: hahaha okay :)
MinecraTubers: :D
Andrewszninja: ill take second them
MinecraTubers: .-.
MinecraTubers: :D
lMarie: :(
Zweal: gg gratz
kakaok: congrats
MinecraTubers: sohib can do it :D
ginopharm: good job
MinecraTubers: doh :D
ginopharm: thanks
Zweal: i shouldve practiced the song earlier :p
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