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Battle results

Hangover by Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida (Wed Aug 1, 2012 19:08 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
lMarie easy
Black268 easy
NoobSaibot easy
4. kulaklik14 easy
5. 4madson easy
6. bernolik easy
7. PoneysMalditos easy
8. Missbek1 easy
9. Ebelator easy
10. Otso easy
11. majkl54 easy
12. MinecraTubers hard
13. namnnamn easy
14. lNando easy
15. laulunelonen easy
16. Lussan easy
17. Motora easy
fbiagio easy User did not finish battle
asudebeyza easy User did not finish battle
DanneD easy User did not finish battle
Siwa1991 easy User did not finish battle
isalima1 easy User did not finish battle
sirje easy User did not finish battle
sohibJE easy User did not finish battle


Black268: omg  <3
Ebelator: Oh... so finally it can be every song on KP? ^o
bernolik: :O
Andrewszninja: is this even a star song? ^o
kulaklik14: ahahahaha:D
Ebelator: Think so, andrew
bernolik: eraay :D
Black268: yes this is star song
Hnde1234: kulaklik
Andrewszninja: kul your a star *.*
kulaklik14: i am so exited:D
Hnde1234: siskaaaaaaaaaa
Ebelator: When did hangover become a star song?
kulaklik14: :P:P
Andrewszninja: gl
NoobSaibot: it's not a star song
Siwa1991: i gotta hangover
Siwa1991: xD
Lussan: :S wiiiiiiered
Andrewszninja: i wont get top ten
Motora: Never
Andrewszninja: people seem to know this song alot mor than me
kulaklik14: i never sang this before:D
Hnde1234: oha sonuncu olcam :D
Ebelator: andrew let's not become last then
Lussan: I really don't know this song
Otso: never even heard :D
sohibJE: eraaaaaaay :carefree:
Lussan: :(
NoobSaibot: If the song were Memories, I would've had a big chance to win.
kulaklik14: siska :OO:<3
Andrewszninja: listen to my new recording everyone :P
namnnamn: u and me kualik14
Hnde1234: siska do you remember me .D
sohibJE: you'll win ;)
Lussan: I guess that a boy will win...
sirje: gl guys.. :)
sohibJE: yes hande :D
kulaklik14: what namnam:O?
kulaklik14: gl:D
NoobSaibot: I am 3rd all time for Memories
Ebelator: If there was no one else in this battle i'd have a chance too
kulaklik14: :D
Hnde1234: bu ne ya herkes arkadan geliyo
Andrewszninja: LAG D:
Ebelator: Andrew we suck!
namnnamn: never sung it before
DanneD: O.o
Ebelator: ^o
Andrewszninja: xD
kulaklik14: :P
Andrewszninja: im in first xD
bernolik: :P
Ebelator: Andrew?
Andrewszninja: thats how bad the lag is
Ebelator: We still suck!
bernolik: first song :O
kulaklik14: :D
NoobSaibot: Im surprised..
kulaklik14: lol not bad for first:D
Andrewszninja: D:
MinecraTubers: bad :d
namnnamn: congrats :)
NoobSaibot: 3rd? Me? But I don't sing pop music!
kulaklik14: gongratz imarie:D
MinecraTubers: congrat marie
Ebelator: Congrats
lMarie: Thanks *-*
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