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Battle results

Will You Still Love Me? by Chicago (Fri Aug 3, 2012 19:07 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
Black268 easy
Zweal easy
Otso easy
4. fbiagio easy
5. lNando easy
6. kulaklik14 easy
7. laulunelonen easy
8. Motora easy
9. bernolik easy
10. Missbek1 easy
11. LoveToSingXD easy
12. marilouise easy
13. matheuscirne easy
isalima1 easy User did not finish battle
hiiago14 easy User did not finish battle
iambornthisway easy User did not finish battle


hiiago14: i dont know this music
kulaklik14: me neither xD
AnnFinn: hello darlings
hiiago14: vovó annfinn :D
fbiagio: hello :)
Zweal: heya ann
AnnFinn: <3
Missbek1: does anybody know this song?! lol
AnnFinn: i do
laulunelonen: hello
Black268: annfinn will win
matheuscirne: good luck
AnnFinn: heyyy blackie
Andrewszninja: i got my money on her too
Black268: hey ann
lNando: gl
AnnFinn: moi laulunelkku
Black268: GL ALL!!
kulaklik14: good luck people :D
AnnFinn: GL
iambornthisway: Good Luck ;)
Otso: en kyl tunne mu ttulin kuitenkin
Missbek1: :D
iambornthisway: GL To Isalma Black And Ann
AnnFinn: u 2
AnnFinn: i had a bad lag
Black268: i said ann won
Otso: Anni <3
Andrewszninja: gj ann <3
AnnFinn: <3
kulaklik14: congrats:D
laulunelonen: onnea Anni
Black268: congrats
AnnFinn: thank you darlings
bernolik: comgrats anni <3
AnnFinn: i love you
Black268: :love:
bernolik: congrats *
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