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Battle results

Let It Rain by Amanda Marshall (Thu Aug 9, 2012 19:26 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
fbiagio easy
sohibJE easy
alexsovi easy
4. lMarie easy
5. bernolik easy
6. Lokiago easy
7. laulunelonen easy
8. 2plus easy
9. Emmsy2735 hard
10. K3LucasK3 easy
11. LoveToSingXD easy
12. Kisslly easy
13. Kuaat easy
LiveLaughLoveSin easy User did not finish battle
matheuscirne easy User did not finish battle
ijen easy User did not finish battle
bunny3112 easy User did not finish battle
Thiagohf3 easy User did not finish battle
flovero easy User did not finish battle


Hnde1234: siskaa :D
sohibJE: handeee :D
sohibJE: go go go win, hande :D
Lokiago: Hello :|
Hnde1234: no :D
sohibJE: fbiagio *-*<3
Hnde1234: i cant win :D
fbiagio: siska <3
sohibJE: lago :carefree:
alexsovi: here rain
Lokiago: I won't win :'(
alexsovi: :
Lokiago: Siska <3
alexsovi: <3
Hnde1234: idk this song :D
K3LucasK3: "what" is this song :'(
sohibJE: alex :D
alexsovi: hi
Thiagohf3: Hande <3
alexsovi: cool rec
bernolik: hi <3<3<3<3
sohibJE: i never heard this song :D
Hnde1234: hi thiago :D
sohibJE: berna <3
Thiagohf3: how are hand?
turanliozan: hi :evil: s and :angel: s
Thiagohf3: you*
Emmsy2735: neither have I
Lokiago: Hi Berna <3
Andrewszninja: i bet vern will win *.*
matheuscirne: thiiiii <3
alexsovi: is easy
sohibJE: ozan :evil:
Hnde1234: berna burdamiydin sen
Hnde1234: :DD:
Thiagohf3: math <3<3 nem sei a musica
LiveLaughLoveSin: yeah right andrew xD
bernolik: hi iago & sis & hande
bernolik: <3
bernolik: evet handeecim <3
matheuscirne: nem eu
sohibJE: :p<3
2plus: Moi Laulu4
Hnde1234: fine, you ?:D
turanliozan: hi all :P
K3LucasK3: dawn :'(
laulunelonen: moi
Thiagohf3: fine :D gl hand
Andrewszninja: GO VERN
Hnde1234: you too :D
LiveLaughLoveSin: goood luck! :D
Lokiago: Good Luck.. :D
matheuscirne: .....
Andrewszninja: !!!!<3
flovero: u too tnx
matheuscirne: minha musica nn conecoouj kkk
matheuscirne: bugou
Kuaat: num vo cantar
Kuaat: :D
matheuscirne: aqui aparece nada
bernolik: :(
alexsovi: ****
Kuaat: sohi vai ganhar eu acho
Hnde1234: gsoh :D
Lokiago: At least 8000 :|
Hnde1234: congratz :D
Emmsy2735: Well done fbiago!
fbiagio: *-*
fbiagio: thanks!
Andrewszninja: GJ!!!
bernolik: gratz fbiago
Hnde1234: wow siskaaa <3
fbiagio: thanks *-*
Kuaat: congrats fernando
fbiagio: vlw kuaat
Kuaat: :D
Emmsy2735: sohib hasn't done too badly either :)
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