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Battle results

Sleeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer (Fri Sep 21, 2012 19:08 UTC)

  User Difficulty Score
Otso easy
isalima1 easy
bellazauli hard
4. kulaklik14 easy
5. BidyGaagi easy
6. suuuuu123 easy
7. CliihSunshine easy
8. gizen1996 easy
9. laulunelonen easy
10. matheuscirne easy
11. alisonagain easy
12. tory21 easy
MinecraTubers easy User did not finish battle
GustinhoC easy User did not finish battle
zuzyllyn easy User did not finish battle
sohibJE easy User did not finish battle


bellazauli: aaaaaaaaaaa que emocao eu sei cantar essa
bellazauli: *w*
matheuscirne: suuu <3
suuuuu123: math<3
MinecraTubers: idk this song
MinecraTubers: wth :D
matheuscirne: who knows it
MinecraTubers: hey princess <3 :D
kulaklik14: what the:D
suuuuu123: :)
kulaklik14: is this song:D
alisonagain: idk the song :(
MinecraTubers: idk it too :D
suuuuu123: isa olacak :)
matheuscirne: vai isaaa
suuuuu123: go isa! :love:
GustinhoC: qualquer coisa o dedo ja ta no botao retornar
GustinhoC: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
sohibJE: idk this song :D
isalima1: idk this song :(
alisonagain: me too :(
suuuuu123: :(
isalima1: SISSKAAA <3
MinecraTubers: no one know that :D
sohibJE: isaaaaaaaaa :carefree: miss you <3
matheuscirne: siska <3
suuuuu123: yuh kimse bilmiyor yuh :D:D:D:D
Otso: Gustin,,, :D
sohibJE: math <3
isalima1: miss youu too *-*
GustinhoC: otso <3
GustinhoC: idk this song :(
sohibJE: *-*
Otso: please win gustin <3
suuuuu123: gratz otso <3
matheuscirne: bella
matheuscirne: 'o'
BidyGaagi: ehm
Otso: thanks :)
matheuscirne: congratz otso
kulaklik14: congrats
Otso: thanks
isalima1: uia KKKKK
matheuscirne: isaaaaaa
matheuscirne: kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
matheuscirne: :(
isalima1: congraaatss, Otssso :D
isalima1: jah saiu
isalima1: ateh q fui beem so
matheuscirne: sim
matheuscirne: siim kkk
matheuscirne: vo pro chat bj
isalima1: bjo
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