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Getting started with KaraokeParty.com

To start using KaraokeParty.com you only need flash player in your browser. This will let you sing to all your favourite songs, but in order to get a score of your performance you will also need a properly installed and configured microphone. Most portable computers have a microphone built in.

For accurate scoring it's recommended to use headphones to minimize other sounds going into the microphone.

1. Connecting a microphone

Connect a microphone to the computer. The microphone connector usually has a picture of a microphone right next to it. The connector is sometimes pink. If you have a laptop with a built in microphone you may also need to read: Select the right microphone on a laptop.


Headset is the best, because there is no noise from the music going in to the mic.


A standard mic is also good. Use headphones with the mic for the best result.

Built in Microphone

Using the built in microphone in your laptop works, but gives varying result. Use headphones for the best result.

2. Enabling the microphone in your operating system

A common error is that the microphone is disabled in your operating system.

Select operation system:
Windows Vista
Windows XP

3. Allowing the mic to be used in Flash

Always click "Allow" when the Flash-popup appears.

Click on the "Auto Configuration of Microphone" button and wait for it to finish. The mic works if you say something and the meter right to the mic icon is changing. Note that when the mic works you do not need to run the "Auto Configuration of Microphone" every time.

Click on the microphone icon to bring up the privacy settings i Flash. Click "Allow" and check the "Remember"-box and you will never se the microphone alert on KaraokeParty again.

4. Select the right microphone on a laptop

If you have more than one microphone you may need to select which of them to use in Flash. If you connect an external mic to a laptop there is sometimes a build in mic that can be an issue. Click on the microphone icon, and choose the mic-tab in the Flash popup. Click on the drop down menu and select the mic you want to use.

5. Hear your own voice when singing

Select operation system:
Windows Vista
Windows XP

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All music on this site are cover versions made by professional musicans and not the original artist.
The names of the original artists are shown for informational purposes only and does not depict the performing musician.

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