SulavDepp's recording of Numb

My fav song which I recorded nearly 2 years ago. Hope you all enjoy it :)
Linkin Park

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Miss2shoes wrote:
Really awesome, great sense of emotion and good controle, but try to really use the strenth from your stomach up in the high notes.. I have even more trouble up there then you have, so don't take it the wrong way You're really good
2012-06-29 19:38:38

ginopharm wrote:
nicely done
2012-06-28 10:50:16

anna1375 wrote:
awesome voice,congratulation
2012-06-27 20:52:06

marialynn77 wrote:
2012-06-24 19:34:01

JessicaEstelle wrote:
Good job !
2012-06-23 08:54:16

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