Song requests

Owl City - Embers
Katy Perry Featuring Juicy J - Dark Horse
Cocorosie - Animals
Mcfly - It's All About You
Lady Gaga - Eletric Kiss
Katy Perry - Fire Work
Katty Perry - Dark Hores
Aurelio Voltaire - Riding A Black Unicorn
Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick
Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot
Artic Monkeys - That's Where You're Wrong
Artic Monkeys - Crying Lightning
Artic Monkeys - Flourescent Adolescent
Motörhead - King Of Kings
Eminem - Shake That Ass For Me
Emily Kinney - Married
Idina Mendez - Let It Go
Maraiha Cary - All I Want For Chirstmas
Edina Mendel - Let It Go
Big Time Rush - Windons Down
Katy Perry - Roar Katy Perry
Anselmo - Nao Me Toca
Joaquin Sabina - Pastillas Para No Soñar
Guren No Yumiya - Linked Horizon
Johnny Cash - She Use To Love Me Alot
Maroon 5 Ft. Wiz Khalifa - Payphone
Olly Mours - Dear Dalin'
İdina Medzel - Let It Go
Riahanna - Diamonds
C4 - Bo Tem Mel
Menzel - Let It Go
Maroon5 - Love Sombody
Bribry - Home
The Calling. - Wherever You Will Go
Idiana Menzel - Love Is An Open Door
Luan Santana - Tudo Que Voce Quiser..
The Last Night - Skillet
Waxahatchee - Be Good
Opeth - To Bid You Farewell
Linkin Park - Counting Stars
Mana - Amor Clandestino
Burn With You - Lea Michele
Matanza - Mulher Diabo
My Cemical Romance - Dead
Instalok - Out Of Sight
Ed Sheera - I See Fire
Laura Voutilainen - Niin Kuin Meren Hiekkaa
Mitra Kaislaranta - äkkisyvää
Julian Casablanca Feat Daft Punk - Instant Crush
Ariadna Grande - Honey Moon Avenue

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