Top song requests

Amely - Sing To You
Pruddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me
Beatsteaks - Hello Joe
Beatsteaks - Milk & Honey
Céline Dion - The Magic Of Christmas Day
Aurea - Tower Of Strength
Suvi Teräsniska - Jäätkö Kanssain Valvomaan
Moonlips - Moonlight Densetsu
Bob Marely - No Woman No Cry
Black Eye Peas - Where Is The Love
Propaganda - Wound In My Heart
Blonde Redhead - Elephant Woman
Alicia Keas - No One
Yui Horie - Kassai
Horie Yui - Immoralist
Yui Horie - Yahho!!
Horie Yui - Yahho!!
Rie Tanaka - Emotion
Fictionjunction Yuuka - Akatsuki No Kurmua
Fictionjunction Yuuka - Honoo No Tobira
Fictionjunction Yuuka - Silly-go-round
Rekka Katagiri - Yumemiru Tame Ni
Katagiri Rekka - Yumemiru Tame Ni
Coorie - Sentimental
Coorie - Nagareboshi
See-saw - Kimi Wa Boku Ni Niteiru
See-saw - Yasashii Yoake
See-saw - Emerald Green
Can/goo - Kimi To Ikiteiku
Can/goo - Maboroshi
Steel Angels - Eien No Koutetsu Tenshi
Steel Angels - Sunda Aozora Mukou Ni
Steel Angels - Hajimari No Kiseki
Mikuni Shimokawa - Mou Ichido Kimi Ni Aitai
Shimokawa - Minami Kaze
Mikuni Shimokawa - Minami Kaze
Shimokawa Mikuni - Kohaku
Mikuni Shimokawa - Kohaku
Shimokawa Mikuni - Tomorrow
Mikuni Shimokawa - Tomorrow
Chiba Saeko - Ichigo Complete
Saeko Chiba - Ichigo Complete
Chiba Saeko - Ice Cream
Saeko Chiba - Ice Cream
Tokyo Girls' Style - Attack Hyper Beat Pop
Tokyo Girls' Style - Onnaji Kimochi -chinese Ver.-
Tokyo Girls' Style - Kodoku No Hate ~tsuki Ga Naiteiru~
Tokyo Girls' Style - Limited Addiction
Tokyo Girls' Style - W.m.a.d
Sido - Sie Bleibt

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