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Alesis V49 Review | Digital Piano Review Guide

Are you planning to buy a MIDI controller? You must have seen various models available out there. Few of these models come with incredible looks while others exceed their functional traits. Also, a full-sized keyword usually costs a huge amount.

Alesis V49 Review

So, are you looking for something that looks good and is functional too? We’ll assist you in this regard.

Here we are going to review Alesis V49 so you can get its different crucial parameters. It would assist you in taking the right decision for your next musical keyboard.

So, stay tuned, and enjoy our findings.

Alesis V49
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


This section is meant for those who are in a hurry. We have summarized our whole review here to help you out.

Alesis V49 is a product of a brand that is known for producing cutting-edge studio equipment. Their other focus is to produce affordable units. So, you can see this endeavor in V49 too.

The design and building quality of this equipment is first-class. Its solid framework along with chunky keys makes it a good option for musicians.

Alesis V49 | 49 Key USB

Furthermore, it has a flat-edge style and possesses full-sized keys along with backlit pads and few other controls. All these things make it capable of producing a wide range of melodies. Especially, users can manage its key’s velocity to play music in their own ways.

Still, this unit lacks many other extensive controls and pads that you may see in other hi-fi models. So, this is a thing you should consider before choosing this keyboard.

It has a sturdy body that looks good. It gives an adequate performance with acceptable compatibility and connectivity. So, if you are a beginner to the medium level musician, and want some good MIDI keyboards, V49 is for you.

Design And Build

All in all, we can say the developers have put their love and sincere efforts on the designing of Alesis V49. Why? You’re about to learn all about it.

This unit is focused majorly on its keys. So, we can the keys occupying the large area with pads, knobs, and other controls settling at the corner.

What’s make V9 stand out in the crowd of other cheaper rivals are its blue backlit pads and hard edges. It has the capability to inspire users with its solid body and sturdy framework.

The overall design goes in a long way rather than being wide. It can be beneficial for those looking to save their space.

Well, that’s not all for its designing. Here we are going to discuss a few relevant parameters:

Manufacturing quality

It wouldn’t be wrong to say, the build quality of V49 is probably its best attribute. Its frame is made up of solid material and keys aren’t shaky at all. There would be no worries of twisting or clattering keys.

So, you can enjoy your music by stroking its keys whatever way you want. We assure it won’t get loose.

Alesis V49-1


The black background with a dash of blue color – doesn’t it sound classy? Well, V49 is all about it. It has a flat-edge keyboard with backlit blue pads and full-sized keys. All these attributes make this instrument distinct from other average-looking units.

Overall, this Alesis V49 is a narrow long unit with a black solid body and dim blue light. All these traits add a lot to its graceful emergence.

How about using this keyboard in a dark room? I think the outcome would be dramatic.

Alesis V49 Review

This V49 is manufactured by a company that is owned by InMusic Brand along with other renowned brands. A middle-one would be an appropriate word to define its performance as compared to its other siblings.

These are Akai (pro level) and M-audio (for beginners).

Before merging with InMusic, Alesis was particularly famous for making innovative studio equipment. It has built a wide range of specialized keyboards for studio users.

Besides, Alesis has made a wide range of products. However, its major focus is to manufacture studio performance equipment at affordable prices. They also aim to bring the latest technology.

By seeing at this V49 keyboard, you can see how Alesis is designing its tools to bring innovation.


As we have already mentioned, V49’s design is elongated, it is 37” long. That’s lengthy, right? But, the good thing is, it is quite slim as compared to its opponents. It weighs less than 10 pounds.

So, both these traits apply that it’s good to take anywhere with you. It is lighter to carry and thin to occupy minor space.


  • 49 full-sized keys
  • 8 backlit sensitive pads
  • 4 convertible knobs
  • 4 assignable buttons
  • Comes with premium software
  • Allows adjusting velocity curves

Absolute package

The thing remarkable about this V49 is that it comes with 49 full-size keys. Well, that’s not all. It also contains 8 MPC-style drum pads and assignable knobs and buttons along with modulation wheels.

Using these controllers, you can open/close filter, set volume, stimulating effects, twist parameters, and what not?

Alesis V49 - 2

All these traits would help you in having proper control of your system’s music software. You can try different melodies and work with chords and bass lines.


Besides providing a wide range of controls, the V49 editor even allows you to edit your MIDI message in a convenient way. Need more control?

You can even adjust the velocity curve of its keys and pads. It will help in choosing the sensitivity that goes perfectly with your way of music playing.

First-class bonus

When you will purchase Alesis V49, the keyboard unit isn’t all you’ll get. Rather, manufacturers also give the additional benefit of the premium software suite.

Want to know the included programs? Well, it offers Ableton Live Lite 9, DB-33, Mini Grand, and Xpand! 2.

All these software give you the true essence of tools that any artist would need. It would help you to compose, modify, record, and share all your incredible ideas everywhere.


  • With the help of an adjustable velocity curve, you can change the sensitivity.
  • Due to its lightweight, you can take it anywhere.
  • With its 49 keys, it gives a wide range of control.
  • The thin body allows you to place it even in small places.
  • Extensive functional attributes.
  • Its pads allow you to play a finger drum.


  • Its synth-action keys don’t provide reactions like weighted keys.
  • It might have more knobs and pads.


If you are looking for some medium-level MIDI controller, V49 is a good option. As you can see from its features, it gives a lot of keys and other little control. Its building quality and appearance are also fine. With its affordable price range, it can be a good option for those who want looks with performance.


What’s the real story of Alesis V49 performance?

First, we will start from the major part of this unit, which is the keyboard. It possesses synth-action keys that are velocity-sensitive and large in size. What’ the benefit here?

Its keys are thick. It can be perfect for fellas having fat fingers.

Another big plus is the ability to adjust the velocity sensitivity. You can do it with the Alesis editor. It gives you an opportunity to try various music playing styles.

If you are a beginner, start with higher sensitivity to play it easily. However, pro artists are good to go with lesser sensitivity and more struggle.

Now, let’s come to its performance with respect to its style.

The Alesis V49 comes equipped with a flat-edge keyboard style. It is different from the conventional waterfall style.

So, what would be the results? If we take things practically, the flat-edge could be uncomfortable for players. It would be true especially in cases when a playing session continues for long hours.

Why? Because waterfall styled keys contain overhang that is absent in this style. Also, the lacking of typical spring up at the lower-end of the keys causes the discomfort.

Alesis V49 3

However, you won’t be feeling such things if you play for a shorter time period.

Now, if we talk about its pads, they have velocity and pressure sensitivity. They are large in size as well. That’s a good thing about them as they allow finger drumming in this way.

However, there is an absence of clicky responsiveness in these pads. Also, their position on the V49 could be their drawback.

They are present on the left side. Most players prefer using their right hands for playing music.

Connectivity And Compatibility

The Alesis V49 comes with limited connectivity options. It has pedal input and a USB-MIDI output option. Yet, it lacks the expression pedal.

However, integrating it with DAWs is simple. In this regard, it works amazingly with Ableton.

As far as its compatibility is concerned, it comes with VIP 3.1 compatibility. It helps you to control the VST library by using a single library. You can use it with both Windows and Mac.

Should I Buy It?

Yes, you should buy Alesis V49 if:

  • You are a beginner to intermediate level artist
  • You want to switch from computer keyboard to MIDI controller

Before you proceed, it is important to remember that it is not a fully-grown MIDI controller. As we have already mentioned, it lacks extensive knobs, buttons, and other pads on it. Yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to say, it wasn’t meant to be a complete production unit.

Rather, it is a suitable option for those who want to add more to their production with a good quality keyboard.

Please stop thinking about this unit if you want to control: EQ meters, synth oscillators, or drum patterns. V49 isn’t for this purpose. Also, it won’t be able to give you numerous pads and controls.

It could be the best option for those who want a full-sized keyboard at an affordable price.

Final Words

Here’s all about Alesis V49 review. We hope you’ve learned a lot about this keyboard.

There is a wide range of complete MIDI controllers available in the market. They offer extensive control with a lot of buttons, pads, knobs, and others.

Such units can be a good option for pro-level musicians. However, V49 is different in this aspect. We can’t doubt its build quality and overall performance.

Its portability, slim body, and lightweight body add more to its value.

Yet, there is a lack of controls. But, as we have said earlier, this unit is focused on the keyboard part, we can accept these shortcomings. After all, it is one high performing piece at such a nominal price.

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